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Dear Mr. Fallows,
I think that your hypothesis, from a coldly logical, realistic – and, above all – italian perspective, misses the point. That is: rarely slower students love the faster, brighter, or whatever you call her – in short: Hillary – especially after getting the evidence of their being slower than her. So, the more Hillary will go on this way – telling them the truth – the more they will hate her, later, when that truth becomes a fact.
If you were italian, or at least accustomed to reading italian newspapers, you would be already as aware as I am that soon, if they haven’t started yet, newspapers will explain Hillary’s plot – which would most likely include Bin Laden as well, not to mention Ahmadinejad, Nicola Latorre and many others – to get McCain to win the election. And after his victory, no doubt that many opinion leaders will explain this way that otherwise unpredictable calamity.
I am very sorry for you, believe me. But I must admit that I am not sooo sorry not to wish that, having such a nice game to play just in your backyard, you – you american “opinion leaders”, I mean – will stop taking delight in playing the same game abroad. And, in particular, at my place.
I know this is not something I can blame on you. Anyway, I would really appreciate if you could forward my little request to your colleagues, and to all the think-tanker-intellectual-journalist-secret-agent community of your wonderful country (according to my personal english teacher, I should just say “chattering classes”, but I strongly disagree because, if they didn’t do anything else but “chat”, there would be no reason to complain).
Yours, faithfully

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