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Pregasi affiggere in ogni redazione del regno


– Well, Toby made the remark in response to some new polling data. It was offhand. Obviously, he meant it as a joke. He regrets it.
– Okay.
– He’ll be happy to go on the record with you.
– Nah, that’s all right.
– What do you mean?
– I don’t need him.
– You’re not gonna let Toby explain himself?
– I’m not writing it.
– Why not?
– It’s not news.


– You weren’t joking before, were you?
– When?
– When you said…
– No.
– Why do you think the White House is a bad beat?
– I don’t like being a stenographer. And I don’t like writing gossip. I read a column last week where a lady bemoaned the decade of scandals she’s had to cover, as if the news was to blame for the quality of journalism. I don’t know if there’s ever been a more important time to be good at what I do. Can you imagine how much I don’t give a damn about what Toby said to a staffer?

[West Wing, Episode 3.05 – ‘War Crimes‘]

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  1. 25/01/2009 15:16

    bene, ora abbiamo anche il dialogo in lingua originale. ;)

  2. ormazad permalink
    27/01/2009 09:48

    Bello , e poi il tizio in africa ci va sul serio .
    E’ proprio fantasilandia 2.0


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